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9/26/2013 12:04 pm  #1

In order not Happen Requote

1. Open Metatrader
2. Open the Tools Menu> Options> Trade
3. Change the default on Defiation by default
4. Fill value to 3, and OK,

The selection of the number three is intended to provide tolerance limits if the price is still able to execute misses to 3 points of order that we do.


9/27/2013 3:03 am  #2

Re: In order not Happen Requote

if it is more properly called, the trick to minimize requotes
because if only 3 pips deviation, there is still a possibility of having much less time requotes trading news
but if you are setting deviation above 100 pips for the major pairs, certainly will not be subject to requote


9/30/2013 12:32 pm  #3

Re: In order not Happen Requote

indeed sometimes spread becomes a problem for traders because the greater spread it means we will get a good cut at the OP or close, from experience that it is necessary to requote case we are dealing with some settings settings settings for a program that is on the windows especially for network settings because it has nothing to do with the market but technical settings as we know why many choose vps to run an EA, it is none other not only because of technical matters which would be better because there computer connections when compared with our computer use

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9/30/2013 1:34 pm  #4

Re: In order not Happen Requote

if you consider what to say at point 3 is actually relatively, because the newbie myself still believe that it is the biggest mistake on the part of traders because of the device that is used less than perfect example for a company that used trading also met with other existing software system works with auto so that reading becomes blocked when the processor must immediately send commands such as command and close OP


10/01/2013 11:07 am  #5

Re: In order not Happen Requote

MT solutions are often requotes problem, because we are too many computers running software so that the computer can not run optimally,
as prevention and anticipation is
1. use a special company that used trading
2. keep it away from such heavy software game
3. Do not ever put the flash, because the flash is a hotbed of virus

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3/08/2015 2:07 pm  #6

Re: In order not Happen Requote

There are many people who think that for having no requotes we need good platform but I feel that’s not the case as it’s completely dependent on broker. If the broker is of high quality than we will never find these kinds of things happening and I have already experience this after joining Nova FX because I am using Mt4 platform with all brokers but they are the only one where I never get requotes or delay so it shows the quality of this company.


5/07/2016 3:44 pm  #7

Re: In order not Happen Requote

I don’t think you need to do that at all, I mean whenever you’re trading you get option to allow re quote up to certain numbers of pips, so no need to go into setting and all that. I believe this is something that news traders use quite often and it won’t be good for general situation, so we need not to accept such things. I believe we should work with a broker that’s true ECN like mine OctaFX, it will definitely ensure that we won’t have trouble over slippage, re quotes or any sort of delay, it will really help us with performance and will allow us to succeed especially if we’re doing scalping, but of course using this can be a good idea during news.


8/06/2016 7:28 pm  #8

Re: In order not Happen Requote

It’s not right to keep on deviation, I believe it’s completely brokers fault and we should change that at first step. I go with broker like OctaFX, as they are a true ECN for which they have even won the award as well, so that’s why trading with them is ever so nice for me and is something that allows me to be comfortable and relaxed with things, so that’s why I am able to trade so well and always able to achieve good profits with ease.


9/06/2016 7:22 pm  #9

Re: In order not Happen Requote

Yeah, it’s obvious that we can change that and even can increase it up to 10, but do you really think we should do that? I definitely believe I deserve better and I don’t increase re quote margin instead I prefer changing broker who creates such issues and thankfully ever since joining Alpari, I haven’t encountered with such problem at all and that’s because they are the role model company for all and why I say this? it’s pretty simple and that’s this http://alpari.com/en/company/business_model/, as once we understand their model then it’s no rocket science to understand how good they are!


10/25/2016 9:30 am  #10

Re: In order not Happen Requote

This can really get ugly if you are with wrong broker because then we can have big re quote getting accepted and for scalper, it could proof to be deadly. I am lucky enough that I am trading with OctaFX broker where everything is very simple and nice especially with no issues over re quote and they allow us to operate with their ECN Account from as low as 5 dollars, so there is no trouble for me in anyway at all and makes it ever easy!


11/11/2016 6:39 pm  #11

Re: In order not Happen Requote

I am sorry but you just need a good broker, it’s not wise to try to look for short cuts for something you actually deserve or is genuine requirement. I never want broker that I need to use such setting with and that’s why I go with Alpari where I never worry about Requote since they have ECN technology in place with low spreads, high leverage and instant execution, it’s finest there is and the platform http://alpari.com/en/platforms/, it’s also all available from Mt4 to Mt5!


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