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9/11/2013 1:07 am  #1


Moneytalkvillage is a paid to post forum which is paying and is paying up to date .
Here is the rate : 3cent/thread
                            : 3cent/reply
minimum cashout is $5(500 Point)
more information can be found in the site


9/11/2013 3:18 pm  #2

Re: Moneytalkvillage.com

This is one of the forum members who are still paying until now, I've joined this forum since December 2012 and is still active create a post in this forum, may demand payment that I have made in the process immediately by admin.


9/12/2013 11:40 am  #3

Re: Moneytalkvillage.com

I saw that earlier in the MTV forum hack I think the same people who hate MTV, but now the admin tried to fix this forum because I recently visited MTV forum but still there is the same message that the forum server is down for maintenance, so I have to be patient.


9/12/2013 12:41 pm  #4

Re: Moneytalkvillage.com

I joined this forum was already long, but I could not make a post in the forum MTV, but my account has been verified, but after I forgot my password on this forum and it turns out I reset my account until now still can not make post and there message my account has not been verified, really confusing.


9/19/2013 9:05 am  #5

Re: Moneytalkvillage.com

moneytalkvillage is one of the best ever forum, because this forum has lasted quite a long time, and until recently, moneytalkvillage can still survive and continue to provide payments to the members and I am sure this forum will still be able to continue to survive in some years


9/23/2013 2:08 am  #6

Re: Moneytalkvillage.com

The issue but now being in the correct forum by the admin and I do not know how long this forum will be active again, because this forum hacked yesterday by someone who is not responsible for, all members of this forum would want to be active again soon, because this forum new members start paying back.


9/23/2013 11:44 am  #7

Re: Moneytalkvillage.com

I think maybe the admin does not want to continue this forum again, because after the forums hacked definitely lost a lot of data and it would take a long time to be able to restore it, because I know if people are already clicking hack this forum would have been damaging Data in this forum so it would be difficult to bring it back, we'll wait kelnajutan of this forum.


9/25/2013 3:33 am  #8

Re: Moneytalkvillage.com

until now the forum has not been active again, did we have to wait for an admin but if it continues long I think members will go again on this forum because it's already an active member again in this forum /.


9/25/2013 11:50 am  #9

Re: Moneytalkvillage.com

we can not be sure how long the forum will be re-activated, may indeed admin is planning something great so that members on this forum have to be patient, we leave it to the admin, because we can only wait.


9/25/2013 3:05 pm  #10

Re: Moneytalkvillage.com

now the forum can be accessed again because I just visited this forum and it now can be accessed, I can resume posting on this forum and hopefully I immediately demand payment approved by the moderator and immediately processed by the admin, I'm very happy see the forum active again.


9/25/2013 9:46 pm  #11

Re: Moneytalkvillage.com

Yes MTV is back and Admin Tarak has finally re-opened the board. I just sent a sot in the chatbox and will try to run some few posts there later in the day. I guess he wants to do some changes in the forum for the next few days according to what he said.


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