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9/11/2013 3:25 pm  #1


well, I'm not an admin on this forum, but I joined this forum is old and already 5 times in pay in digitalmoneytalk.com forum.

Basic rates-
2.5 cent for new threads and replies in discussion and Forex HYIP section
1.5 cent for new threads and reply in any other section
0.5 cents in payment proof section

Conversation Rate 1 DMT Point = $ 0.01

Minimum Payout-

1 USD to HD-Money
1.50 USD to Perfect money
$ 2 to Egopay
$ 1 to STP

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9/12/2013 11:39 am  #2

Re: digitalmoneytalk.com

not only you who joined this forum, but I am also one of the members in this forum, but I have never ever received a payment in this forum, I saw only a few members making the request, including your payment but I see your request has not been approved by mod, I myself will make a payment request after a point I collected as much as 200 points.


9/12/2013 12:44 pm  #3

Re: digitalmoneytalk.com

not only Takiya who has made ​​a payment request in this forum, because I also have made ​​a payment request and until now have not been approved by the moderator and finally I now do not make a post in this forum, and from now on I will move my post in the forum money-fx !


9/19/2013 9:08 am  #4

Re: digitalmoneytalk.com

This forum is one of the best forum ever, because this forum has lasted quite a long time and has made ​​payments to its members well, but since liberty reserve no longer in operation, the members waited a very long time to could get a payment from this forum


9/23/2013 2:02 am  #5

Re: digitalmoneytalk.com

it is true what you say, because I was also waiting for a very long time, now almost one month my payment request in the forum is still in the process by the admin, but has been approved by a moderator, I just hope the admin to process all payment requests quickly!

     Thread Starter

9/23/2013 11:51 am  #6

Re: digitalmoneytalk.com

admin on this forum are always online on his forum, but it is the policy in the payment process is done by the admin, so we can only wait until the payment process is done by the admin, I myself have not made ​​a payment request because I was waiting for the right time and collect as many points I may have made ​​a request for payment.


9/25/2013 3:24 am  #7

Re: digitalmoneytalk.com

it is true what you say, because I see it in the admin of this forum is very active, but it is so the question is why the payment is done very slowly when the admin is always there in the forum, it makes me annoyed.

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9/25/2013 11:55 am  #8

Re: digitalmoneytalk.com

Admin on this forum is active but did we as members can only wait when admin will process the payment request us because surely we will be paid by the admin, but when we can not know because the only admin has its own policy.


9/25/2013 2:56 pm  #9

Re: digitalmoneytalk.com

it is true what you say, because I just made a few posts and I see the admin was online on his forum, indeed we must be patient with admin problems late paying members and hopefully before dressing month we have been paid by the admin so that we can make the new payment request.

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9/25/2013 10:01 pm  #10

Re: digitalmoneytalk.com

Yes I think th Admin is coming online more often these days and I guess he may just want to process some payments. I still have my very first pending request which has been long approved by the mod. Processing payments will still boost the activities in the forum.


9/26/2013 11:24 am  #11

Re: digitalmoneytalk.com

It's been almost a month payment request still has not been processed by the admin, so we can only be patient with this problem because we have to be sure that the admin will process the payment request that we make,.

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