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3/03/2022 7:15 am  #1

Do you like hiking?

I love hiking! Although most of the time I take it for hiking and as it should rest in a nearby hotel. I haven't tried hiking + camping yet! Maybe someday.


3/03/2022 7:19 am  #2

Re: Do you like hiking?

I love nature! Growth in Texas was a drag because a lot of what we liked was private land. Now, living in Utah, there is a lot of public land around.

My wife and I really love camping in a hammock. It's much more comfortable than sleeping on the floor, and there are far fewer things to pack. I strongly recommend everyone who is in the camp to try it once.

I also love fly fishing. I tie my own flies and always release the fish. For me, this is a spiritual activity, it's nice to be alone in the mountains, wander on the water and be very attentive to my activities in nature.


3/03/2022 7:20 am  #3

Re: Do you like hiking?

I live between lake and meadow, so I always feel surrounded by nature. I bought a pair of skates a couple of years ago, because I wanted to become more active (I play volleyball once a week, but it's not a very intensive group of participants). An hour later I broke my elbow because of the bad ice.

I worked as a Mineral Scout for a while and it really is a fascinating job for outdoor enthusiasts. Up and down every forest path or path in search of streams and rock formations that could indicate the presence of valuable minerals. One day a hunter told us about a possible deposit and we climbed up the mountain to find it. After leaving empty-handed, we met him again and found out that we had climbed the wrong mountain, so we did it again the next day.


3/04/2022 8:24 am  #4

Re: Do you like hiking?

I love walking and running, more precisely, I have fallen in love recently. 6 months ago I felt bad and after going to the doctor, he advised me to keep a good condition, advised me to run every day. I didn't even think that I would like it so much, and Doug advised me to everest there I can buy everything I need for running.

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You just need to participate in the discussion going there,you will earn money for each post you made, pls use the ref link above