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10/11/2013 8:57 am  #1

Is Forex your first income source?

Forex is very well known market place.It increase the possibilities of earning sourec. Many forex trader depends on the Forex trading. But do you think that Forex is should be the first income source? I don't think that Forex should be the first income source as it is very risky market. What do you think about this?


11/07/2013 12:48 pm  #2

Re: Is Forex your first income source?

If you are using Forex as primary income source then you must have secondary source also. If you want to use it anyhow then you shoulld have a primary source also.


1/17/2015 3:53 pm  #3

Re: Is Forex your first income source?

Yes, at the moment Forex trading is my first and only source of income. It is more than enough because I can make serious profits from it and I don’t even need to spend much time either. I trade with OctaFX broker; it allows me to trade like I want with all the strategies allowed. They give me permission to do scalping, hedging or news trading without any issue while at the same time I also get great platform to trade with.


7/15/2016 9:41 pm  #4

Re: Is Forex your first income source?

No, Forex isn’t my first source of income since I do proper job, but Forex is something that I am very happy about because of the potential, I know I am able to make huge income even with minimum investment while there are several other factors that makes thing even easier for me and those are bonuses, rebates, low spreads and all that, It’s with OctaFX broker that I am able to get all these facilities, it really makes trading easier for me.


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