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10/11/2013 12:39 pm  #1

Do you recommend Forex to the student?

There is restriction to join in Forex trading business. Any one from any part of the world can do this business with a little money. All classes of people can do this business if they have good knowldege in Forex business. In this regard do you recommend Forex to the students? Why?


10/19/2013 1:58 am  #2

Re: Do you recommend Forex to the student?

I think students picks things too fast. Most of the traders are student. Students are more active physically and offcourse they have more active mind. |I w ill suggest Forex to students if they can study well along with Trading


5/23/2015 12:22 pm  #3

Re: Do you recommend Forex to the student?

I have just few years back finished my studies, but in between I started trading, so I feel it’s completely good to be doing it with studies but we need to manage it well, if we want to be tension free and having no effect on studies then we must do long term trading, as scalping is not for students. I am doing long term trading with help of my broker OctaFX, it has fabulous swap free account facility and using this I get complete freedom due to no overnight charges.


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