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9/26/2015 11:23 pm  #1

OctaFX made my bonding with trading perfectly!

I always wanted to win at any cost, but things were never easy or simple for me, it was extremely tough when I started and the most important requirement for me was to get the bonding with market right instead of going with possibilities. I found it tougher day by day instead of getting easier since I was losing out on capital and slowly my account was getting empty, but all thanks to OctaFX broker that I stopped trading and made the withdrawal of whatever I had left and made deposit with them. It was an instant mistake corrector because I got 50% bonus which was like all my losses were covered without doing anything at all and more so they helped me bond with trading so well with regular demo contest like cTrader and Champion, it really boosted me in a way that I never thought before and today I am successful only because of them!


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