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5/23/2017 4:39 am  #1

SuperForex comapny news -

Hello there! Superforex is a new brokerage company with worldwide operations. Since you may not have heard about is yet, here is a proper introduction: SuperForex is an internationally regulated brokerage house licensed by the International Financial Services Commission (IFSC). Our business is dedicated to providing clients from more than 100 markets around the world with a large selection of financial instruments for algorithmic or self-trading, money management and investment, so they can trade on the Forex market. We are also the winners of Forex Report’s Best Newcomer award for 2015.
At SuperForex we offer you a wide range of trading instruments. By opening an account with us, you will be able to use more than 300 trading tools, such as currency pairs (including exotic pairs), CFDs on American shares, CFDs on precious metals, Oil, Futures on agriculture and world indices (Dow Jones, Nasdaq, DAX, Nikkei), among others. You can check the full list =10ptat



5/24/2017 6:34 am  #2

Re: SuperForex comapny news -

CAD/JPY: fundamental review and forecast 

The rates of the CAD/JPY for a long time was in the frames of the rapid downward trend, but now the situation can be changed: the trend had lost its intensity and the canadian dollar strengthened against the yen. Perhaps we can see beginning of a new trend. Actually it has been formed and we can see that resistance line has been shifted, and the support line had turned up. However, given that strengthening of the CAD, is mainly based on the increasing of oil prices, which continues to grow amid upcoming summit of OPEC this Friday, crude oil prices may resume a declining for the next few weeks.  And this will happen in any case - if OPEC countries extend the agreement On the reduction of oil and in case if not extended. The reason is that extending of the agreement by the OPEC  does not solve all questions about the overabundance of oil on the market. The United States and Canada can negate all effect, and higher prices will only motivate for further increasing of oil production. this has been proven in practice.
The Japanese yen wasn't able to  resist successfully the onslaught of the Canadian dollar due to disappointing data from Japan this week: trade balance of Japan was 0.1 T in April, although investors expected level of 0.25 T, the volume of exports grew by only 7.5% against the expected growth of 7.8% and
the volume of imports increased by 15%, which is more than expected but in the future it is a threat to the trade balance of the country. Next week important data that could support JPY is not expected at all.
Thus, we can say that in the short term, the CAD will strengthen against many currencies due to the increasing of oil prices. It's happening now - oil prices on Monday achieved a 5 week high and continue to grow, so the deals to Buy  will be most effective at this moment upon short term trading. 


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5/26/2017 7:18 am  #3

Re: SuperForex comapny news -

XAU/USD (GOLD): Short review and forecast 

 This week prices for Gold continue to grow. The main factor of growth, of course, was the terrorist attack in Manchester, which forced investors to turn to less risky assets. In addition, the growth of prices continued amid the weak dollar and based on the results of the FOMC Committee meeting, where was designated plans of the US Central Bank to reduce the balance before the end of this year.  The FED, which had planned a rate increase this year 2 times, began doubt about necessity for further growth of the rate due to weak economic indicators and slowdown of the economy, although the probability of a  rate hike in June remains high. Of course it's also impacted the value of GOLD. Political instability in the United States and possibility of beginning a full and protracted political crisis also, contributes the growth.
So, there're a lot of factors which say about further increasing of prices. We can say for sure that the upward trend will continue and increase its intensity in the near future. It should be noted that the rates was carried out with high volatility in a wide range, but now the situation changes and the upward trend is more stable, which is clearly seen on the chart.
Thus, we can say that at the moment, the deals to BUY are more effective. Oscillator MACD confirms this.


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5/29/2017 5:45 am  #4

Re: SuperForex comapny news -

Profi-STP accounts by SuperForex 

SuperForex has launched a special type of account for those who really want to tap into the full potential of Forex. This type of account is well-known to professional traders as an STP-account.
The main advantage of this account type is that your trading operations go directly to a liquidity provider by using an FX Bridge that allows you to get more comfortable and better conditions for trading.

Important conditions and advantages of the Profi-STP account:
Minimum deposit: $20 000 (or its equivalent in EUR)
Leverage from 1:1 to 1:200
All trading instruments available
Minimum trading lot: 0.2, with a step 0.1 lot
Stop out/margin call: 20%/50%
Variable spreads, from 20% on basic pairs
Unlimited trading using Expert Advisors
Please note that this account is not compatible with our Bonus program, i.e. you cannot apply for bonuses with this kind of account.

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5/30/2017 6:44 am  #5

Re: SuperForex comapny news -

Special event for traders and partners in Singapore!  

On Saturday, May 27 SuperForex organized a special event for traders and partners in Singapore, the financial capital of Asia.

This exclusive gathering was hosted by Mr. Edward Khoo, the founder of LS Capital Pte Ltd, a company that specializes in developing and selling highly profitable Forex trading Expert Advisors (automated trading robots). Khoo is an experienced trader and analyst who was able to put his many years of practice to good work by developing some of the most successful expert advisors out there in the market. 

The seminar was attended by over 40 people who had the opportunity to learn new tips and tricks about Forex trading. Edward Khoo and Simon Leung led fascinating discussions on Expert Advisor concept designs for the Golden Unicorn EA where they explained and demonstrated its effectiveness. In the afternoon the group was also joined by the SuperForex CEO who shed light on the basics of trading with SuperForex - our wide range of account options, comprehensive partnership program, as well as bonuses and special offers such as the SuperForex Lucky Draw.

We would like to thank everyone who joined us for this productive seminar! We hope you enjoyed our event and brought lots of new useful ideas home with you. 

Keep an eye out for news about similar events we plan to organize in the future. If you are a partner or consider becoming one, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our Partnership Department and share your ideas for Forex-related gatherings in your region, we’d be glad to help!

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5/31/2017 9:14 am  #6

Re: SuperForex comapny news -

OIL (CL/WTI): middle term review and forecast 

Oil prices are gradually decreasing. Extension of the Pact on "Reducing of oil extraction" does not change the situation, as it was expected. OPEC's attempt to impact the market with the help of this agreement will be doomed, amid news about increasing of drilling activity in the USA, 19th week in a row, and increasing of oil production in Libya which haven't joint the agreement on "Reducing of oil extraction". At the same time, in order for achieving the  balance on the market and oil prices growth, it is necessary to reduce oil extraction by all countries-manufacturers but this does not happen, and the reserves of  crude oil on the market are close to record levels. Thus, the supply continues to exceed demand on the market.
Despite the dominant number of negative signals on the market, the rates of oil continues in the frames of the upward trend, though it is solely by inertia, and it's not based on objective factors. There're no perspectives for further growth at the moment. Most likely, in the near future, the upward trend will be changed to the flat trend which has already been formed. Lines of support and resistance can be fixed at the levels of 44.5 and $ 54 a barrel mark CL/WTI.
Oscillators are neutral at the moment. Today investors are waiting for the data about oil stocks from the American petroleum Institute. Investors expect a reduction of oil reserves that may support oil prices a bit. Therefore, upon short-term trading, you can open the deals to BUY. But upon medium-term trading, the deals to SELL can be more effective. 

More reviews at

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6/01/2017 5:27 am  #7

Re: SuperForex comapny news -

No Spread Accounts by SuperForex 

This new version of a live trading account is open to both new and existing customers. Using the No Spread account, unlike the standard one, gives you the unique advantage to trade without paying any spreads on the deals you open, regardless of the trading instruments used.

Have you ever wondered why often you’re already losing money immediately after opening a new position? This is because a spread fee has been charged to your account due to the difference between bid and ask prices. The No Spread account would allow you to avoid that.

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6/02/2017 6:20 am  #8

Re: SuperForex comapny news -

USD/SEK – review and short term forecast. 

Since the beginning of April, the rates of USD/SEK continue in the frames of the downtrend. While the U.S dollar is under the pressure due to political scandals of the administration of D. Trump and slowdown of US economic growth, the Swedish Krona continues to strengthen, and reached the best  level for the last 9 months - 8.68 SEK. against the dollar. But  weakening of the dollar isn't the only reason that caused the strengthening of the crown. Also impacted the end of political uncertainty in the EU, and optimal economic indicators in Sweden. Published data showed GDP growth in Sweden to 0.4 % in Q1 2017. Investors expect more significant growth at 0.9%, but given the weakening dollar, it was enough to continue strengthening. 
Probably the downtrend will continue this month. The U.S. dollar, however, can be strengthened for some period. In particular, published data about employment in the US, encouraged investors, and it is stopped the weakening of the USD and consolidated the rates. According to the ADP's company report , the number of jobs created in may increased by 253 thousand, although it was expected only by 185 thousand places. Today we expect the official data from the Ministry of labour, which likely will confirm the statistics from the ADP. Good data on the labor market may influence the FED's decision to raise the rate. So investors are focused on this data and waiting for it with high attention. 
Thus, in the near future, we can expect a price correction and upon short-term trading, the most effective will be the deals to Buy. The Stochastic oscillator also indicates a good time for the long trades. We can also designate the points of entry at the levels 8.671 and 8.705 SEK, breakout of which will be signalized the exit from the consolidation phase. Special attention should be paid to the level 8.671, achieving of which will be signalized about continuation of the trend, and can be a good signal to open the short deals.

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6/07/2017 6:49 am  #9

Re: SuperForex comapny news -

NZD/USD: fundamental review and forecast 

Starting from May 2017, the downward trend has been changed by rapid upward trend.  The New Zealand dollar reached the highest level 0.72 USD over the last 3 months and continues to go up. The main reason for the rapid growth is a  weak dollar, which continues to be under the pressure due to investigations about influence of Russia on elections in the United States. In particular, this Thursday, the former head of the FBI, James Comey, will be  reporting in Thursday for the Committee of the U.S. Congress. Investors fear it can impact negatively on the administration of D. Trump , as well as D. Trump. This is why the dollar loses in value against all currencies.

But not only the weakening of the dollar affected the rate of NZD/USD.  Also impacted received statistics about economy's most important trading partner of New Zealand - Australia. 
This week, the reserve Bank of Australia left interest rates unchanged and predicts economic growth for the next few years. Meanwhile, GDP data for Australia, has pleased investors: growth amounted to 0.3% in Q1 2017, while the market expected growth to 0.2%. Also, business inventories in Australia increased by 1.2 % in Q1 2017, exceeding market expectations of 0.5% growth. This is the strongest growth since 2012.
The MACD indicates a good time for short deals. The RSI confirms this, pointing out that the rates are in the overbought zone, and high probability of a price correction. But considering fundamental factors upon medium-term trading, it is better to open the deals on the trend. Peak growth has not  been achieved yet, and expected for the next week data about volumes of retail sales and GDP of New Zealand, may support the NZD.

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6/08/2017 5:44 am  #10

Re: SuperForex comapny news -

SuperForex Islamic Accounts 

If you would like to avoid swap fees, you can now register a special Swap-free account with SuperForex.

Swap-free accounts are suitable for anyone who wants to work without such fees affecting their trading volume. They are especially appropriate for Muslim traders, as they remain consistent with the religious practices of Islam by not charging interest - this is why such accounts are also called ‘Islamic’ 

Learn more at

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6/09/2017 7:11 am  #11

Re: SuperForex comapny news -

AUD/CAD: review and forecast 
Сanadian dollar, is under intense pressure due to falling in oil prices. The rates of CL drops and can not find a base to stabilize. At the moment the price of a barrel of oil CL/WTI costs $ 45.39. Such a low level of prices had been reached only once, this year. After positive GDP data in Canada, at the beginning of the month, there were many factors that had a negative impact on the Canadian dollar. In addition to falling of oil prices, the market  also dissapointed with statistics about reduction in the number of building permits by 0.2%, while investors expected in April increasing by 2.4%. Also it has been known about reduction of business activity index in Canada (PMI) to 53.8 against expected 62. A month earlier, the index reached a level of 62.4.
Given the multiple factors against CAD it is not difficult to assume that the upward trend of AUD/CAD continues. But the Australian dollar deserved to grow even despite the weakening of the Canadian dollar. This week, there were data about GDP for the first quarter of 2017: it has grown to 0.3 percent, slightly exceeding the forecast; yoy GDP growth is more impressive - 1.7% vs. expected growth to 1.5%. The reserve Bank of Australia left interest rates unchanged and indicated further economic growth in the next few years.Situation with trading partners of Australia also in favour of Australia. Recently received statistics about China showed growth in exports and imports by 8.7% and 14.8%, significantly exceeding forecasts. In particular, the volume of iron ore imports in May increased by 11%. Also, increased imports of aluminium and copper.
Oscillators indicate different signals. Stochastic signalized the beginning of a price correction and a good time for opening the deals against the trend. Upon  short-term trading, such deals may be rather effective. Especially given that today we expect data about the change in employment for Canada which can support CAD. But there are no enough preconditions for a trend change. So, upon medium-term trading, it is better to trust the MACD oscillator and open the deals to BUY.

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