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8/03/2020 5:19 am  #56

Re: XtreamForex Daily Technical Analysis

Major Economic Events in the 1st week of August 2020


Get all updates on international economy, Business news, Global market news, world business, and global business trade on Business Standard. Major Economic Events in the Market this week are as following:

3 August 14:00 USD ISM Manufacturing Employment Index

It shows the business conditions in the US manufacturing sector to predict the overall conditions of the US. It will be consensus with the 48.4 and the previous forecast was 52.6 it will predict that it will seem 50-50 positive and negative effect for USD.

4 August 22:45 NZD Employment Change and Unemployment Rate (Q2)

Unemployment Rate: It shows the unemployed workers divided by the total civilian force. It will be expected that if the rate is up it will weaken the New Zealand economy on the other side decrease in the Figure will seem as positive or bullish for the NZD when the increase is seen as the negative.
Employment Change: Employment change measures the change in the number of employed people. It will be expected to implications for consumer spending to economic growth. High is seen as positive for the NZD and low reading is seems negative.

5 August 9:00 EUR Retail Sales (YoY) (Jun)

Retail Sale measures the performance in the retail sector in the short term. It will reflect the rate of change in sales. It will expected usually the positive economic growth in Bullish while the low reading seems Negative.

14:00 USD ISM Non-Manufacturing (PMI)(Jul)

It shows the business conditions in the US non-manufacturing sector. The non-manufacturing sector does not influence either positively or negatively.

6 August 06:00 GBP Bank of England Monetary Policy

It will analyze the quarterly report in the inflation projections based on the Monetary Policy committee bases. Expected that high reading is seen as positive for the GBP.

7 August 12:30 USD NFP (Nonfarm Payrolls)

The monthly changes in payrolls can be extremely volatile, due to its high relation with economic policy decisions made by the Central Bank. The number is also subject to strong reviews in the upcoming months, and those reviews also tend to trigger volatility in the forex board. Generally speaking, a high reading is seen as positive (or bullish) for the USD, while a low reading is seen as negative (or bearish), although previous months reviews ​and the unemployment rate are as relevant as the headline figure, and therefore market's reaction depends on how the market assets them all.

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8/10/2020 1:54 am  #57

Re: XtreamForex Daily Technical Analysis

Technical Overview of EUR/USD and GBP/USD


The EUR/USD pair will run out of the stream and reached the level 1.1916 on Thursday that indicates the technical indicators.
The EUR/USD pair daily chart indicates the bearish divergence according to the Relative strength index with slow stochastic. Moreover, the bearish divergence occurs that indicates the chart lower highs that opposed the higher lows and the Higher highs in Price that will take to be the sign of the Bullish momentum.
On Friday the pair was a decline at the level 0.78% to validated the uptrend exhaustion by the Thursday formed the spinning top candle that confirmed the short term bullish to a bearish trend change.
All things considered, a more grounded pullback might be seen for this present week. Quick help is situated at 1.1696 (Aug. 3 low), which, whenever entered, would declare a double top breakdown on the day by day chart and open the entryways for 1.1482 (focus according to the planned move strategy). On the higher side, 1.1916 is the level to beat for the bulls. At press time, the pair is sidelined close to 1.1791.


GBP/USD was traded around the level at 1.3050 during the early Monday's Asian meeting. In doing as such, the Cable trims increase following a U-turn a seven-day-old helpline. The information could be followed by the pair's failure to cross 200-HMA.
Other than the 200-HMA and quick helpline, weak RSI conditions and waiting MACD furthermore bring up issues for the pair traders. Subsequently, they search for an away from of any of these key specialized levels for new headings.
The Cable pair will be traded upside that breaks the 200 HMA at level 1.3067 that will aim to go at the level 1.3100 the pair further go up with the ascending trend line and currently traded at the level 1.3190.
It will be expected, a drawback break below the referenced helpline, close at the level  1.3020, can attack the 1.3000 points to return to July 28 top close to 1.2950.
It ought to likewise be noticed that the pair's ascent past-1.3190 will require approval from 1.3200 before examining the bulls. In the interim, the bears' strength past-1.2950 can feature at the level 1.2840/35.
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8/17/2020 1:27 am  #58

Re: XtreamForex Daily Technical Analysis

EUR/USD Pair Underpinned As Fiscal Impasse In Washington 

The EUR/USD pair will be rally looks at the technical indicators that will pull back to the remain elusive as the impasse in Washington that will keep the dollar into the bulls.
The EUR/USD pair is trading at the level to 1.1860 according to the press time that will represent the gain at the level with a 0.17% gain on the day. If we see the weekly chart the relative strength index is having the above 70 that will indicate the overbought market conditions for the first time in over 2.5 years.
Be that as it may, slowed down coronavirus boost dealings in Washington and worrying Sino-US strains may hold the dollar under tension and confine losses in EUR/USD.
Then, the US and China postponed an audit of their Phase 1 economic accord at first booked for Saturday and have not reported another date up until this point. President Trump gave a chief request on Friday forcing ByteDance, the Chinese organization behind TikTok, to auction or branch off its US online networking business in 90 days.

GBP/USD Pair Winning the Streak Attack at 1.3100 on Print Three Day

The GBP/USD pair will go up and picks up the bid at the level near the 1.3100 up with 10% during the Monday Morning. The cable pair will stay beyond the 10-day EMA to the Third day according to the press time.
According to the  RSI and MACD are both against the further run-up, which thus pushes venders to search for any drawback past at the level 1.3055, involving 10-day EMA, for ways.
It will traded at the level 1.3000 and the month to month low around the level with  1.2980 can offer an extra channel toward the south, a rising pattern line from June 30, at 1.2885 presently, turns into the key help to watch.
On the upside, 1.3140 and the month to month top around 1.3185 can offer close by protection from the pair in front of the March month's peak including at the level 1.3200.
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8/24/2020 12:25 am  #59

Re: XtreamForex Daily Technical Analysis

EUR/USD Goes Deeper Below and Strengthening Momentum

The EUR/USD pair used the gauge trend strength and the trend changes on the daily chart histogram that producing the deeper bars below the zero line on the bearish momentum.
The trendline support of the 14-day relative strength Index is dived out and signaling to the end of the uptrend to the low level near to the 1.08 that observed in May.
That alongside Friday's bearish covering light recommends scope for a decrease to the level at 1.1729 the lower end of the everyday chart sideways channel. A violation there would move the concentration to the rising trendline support, presently traded at the level 1.1620. On the higher side, a nearby over Friday's high of 1.1883 is expected to negate the bearish viewpoint.

GBP/USD Slipped below to the Monthly Support Line

The GBP/USD was traded at level 1.3090 during this early Monday. The cable pair slipped below to the 100-bar SMA level during this late Friday that breaks the short term support line to the convince seller.
Thus, bears may search for sections under an upward inclining pattern line from July 30, at the level 1.3055 now, before expressing their strength.
In doing as such, 1.3000 and the month to month base around at the level 1.2980 could come back to the figures in front of featuring 1.2915 and July 28 low close to the level 1.2840.
In the interim, an upside break of 100-bar SMA, right now around 1.3105, can focus on the early-month top containing the level at 1.3185 before standing up to March month's top near 1.3200.
If the cable pair stays effective past-1.3200, the ongoing high at the level 1.3265 and December 31, 2019, top close to 1.3285 will be on their radars.
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8/31/2020 1:55 am  #60

Re: XtreamForex Daily Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis Of EUR/GBP USD

EUR/USD Pair Flags the Breakout on the 15-Minutes Chart  

EUR/USD jumped above at the level  1.1910 during Monday's Asian trading hours, setting off a bullish banner breakout on the 15-minute outline.
A banner is a continuation pattern it quickens the former move. The currency pair rose from 1.18 to 1.1920 on Aug. 28 preceding becoming a banner.
The breakout, along these lines, shows a continuation of the convention from lows closes at the level to 1.18.
The pattern has made space for a meeting to 1.20 (focus according to the planned move strategy).
The quick preference would turn bearish if the pair falls back below at the level 1.19, exposing the bull banner breakout and moving the concentration to the climbing 5-day straightforward moving normal, presently at 1.1860.

GBP/USD Refreshes on 12- Week Old Resistance Line Goes In Focus

GBP/USD falls from the year's head of at the level 1.3368 to 1.3351 in the midst of the underlying hour of Tokyo open on Monday. All things considered, MACD pushes the bulls while 21-day SMA joins a rising pattern line from June 30 to confine the pair's momentary drawback.
Henceforth, bulls can keep the reins and attack an upward inclining pattern line from the early June month, at the level 1.3383 now, while focusing on December 2019 top close to 1.3515 as the following level.
During the pair's upside past-1.3515, 1.3620 and September 2017 high close to the level  1.3660 can challenge the Cable buyers.
Then, any drawback below March month's top around 1.3200 will bring the statement to 1.3130 help conversion including 21-day SMA and the previously mentioned pattern line.
Regardless of whether the pair slips below at the level 1.3130, the 1.3000 edge and the month to month low around 1.2980 will be limiting the extra south-run.

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9/07/2020 1:31 am  #61

Re: XtreamForex Daily Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis of EUR/ GBP USD

EUR/USD Defend For the Bulls to Defend at the level 1.18
The EUR/USD pair will be traded in a sidelined to the near at the level 1.1837 during this Monday Morning according to the Asian Hours.
The pair will be created the long-tailed candle for the second straight day on this Friday marking to the bear failure below the support level 1.18 and shows the signaling for the reversal higher.
Nonetheless, a move over Friday's high of 1.1865 is expected to confirm a finish of a pullback from the ongoing high of the level 1.2011 and set the bulls back into the driver's seat. On the other hand, a break under trendline ascending from May 14 and July 1 highs would suggest a bullish-to-bearish pattern change. At press time, the trendline uphold is situated at the level at 1.1765.
GBP/USD Old Line Goes Around 1.3250 Seller attack at Seven-Week Support Line

The GBP/USD pair remains on the back foot to the declining level to the 1.3248 goes down 0.23% on the day during the early Monday Trading.
In doing as such, the Cable affronts Friday's Doji light, suggesting an inversion of the past bearish move, in the midst of increasing chances of a no-deal Brexit.
The statement as of now trades almost a momentary helpline, at 1.3245 presently, sponsored by the bearish MACD signals.
In any case, 21-day SMA and a two-month-old rising pattern line, separately around 1.3185 and 1.3140 can scrutinize the traders after.
Then again, a day by day shutting past the 10-day SMA level of 1.3282 will stand up to a momentary flat opposition around the level 1.3360.
For a situation where the bulls figure out how to cross 1.3360, 1.3400 round-figures, and the as of late reflected multi-week high around 1.3480/85 will be at the center of the spotlight.

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9/14/2020 1:18 am  #62

Re: XtreamForex Daily Technical Analysis

Technical Analysis of AUD/ GBP USD

AUD/USD Price Seems Multiple Failure Above 10-day SMA

AUD/USD is trading to a great extent unaltered on the day close to 0.7274 at press time, having confronted dismissal over the 10-day straightforward moving normal (SMA) 0.7285 early today.
The Aussie bulls have neglected to keep increases over the 10-day SMA in five out of the last six trading days.
Readers should take note that the 10-day SMA has finished out and is drifting south, demonstrating a bearish arrangement. All things considered, the repeated inability to beat that diving normal could be taken as a notice of a rising pullback.
The immediate help is seen at 0.7192 (Sept. 9 low), which, whenever entered, would build up a bearish lower high, lower low arrangement, and reveal the mysterious degree of 0.70. On the higher side, the Sept. 10 high of 0.7325 is the level to beat for the bulls.

EUR/USD Pair Indecision Suggest Doji Weekly

EUR/USD made a Doji candle a week ago as it turned the two different ways before printing a level close.
The Doji shows uncertainty in the business center. Thusly, the predisposition will stay impartial while the conversion standard is held inside the Doji's high and low at the level of 1.1918 to 1.1753.
A move below 1.1753 would confirm a bearish Doji inversion example and open the entryways for 1.1495 (March 9 high). On the other hand, a break above 1.1918 would flag a resumption of the more extensive upturn and uncover late highs above 1.20.
The pair is trading generally unaltered on the day at the level 1.1838.
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9/18/2020 6:41 am  #63

Re: XtreamForex Daily Technical Analysis

Trade With XtreamForex

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[size=125]XtreamForex Trading Account Specification [/size]

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Commission And Spread

With many currency pairs (major, minor, and exotic currency pairs), XtreamForex offers a wide range of currency pairs. As a beginner, it is always advised to start out with narrow-spread currency pairs. In this case, even if you lose money, the loss will not be significant. The spreads offered by the XtreamForex depend on the type of the account you registered with. With VIP and Currenex accounts the spread starts as low as 0 pips.

Funding Options Available At XtreamForex

There are a variety of funding options available at XtreamForex. To make sure that customers can safely deposit and withdraw their funds, multiple banking options are available. Choose your favorite payment method for smooth financial transfers. Of course, the traditional Wire Transfer is offered for deposits, together with Credit Cards (Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Maestro, etc.), Moneybookers (Skrill), Neteller, Webmoney, and PerfectMoney.We recently launched the Niara payment for the South Africa region.
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