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6/19/2019 5:36 pm  #1

Best Logo Design

Logo design has always been important for companies. Almost we remember that any business is done through the corporate logo. For example: Apples bitten apple logo: For example: Coca-Colas big red logo For example: Mercedes-Benz BMW logo in the automotive industry Another example: the logo of the luxury jewelry industry Chanel logo When people see these brands, the first thing that comes into the eye is these logos. These logos are also the easiest to spread and can be used in a variety of situations. For example: So the logo is very important for any business or storefront. Here are 5 recommended trading platform for everyone! Why is the logo platform bought and sold? Instead of a logo design company and a logo design competition platform? If you don     understand the reasons, I suggest you visit my blog, which will be introduced and explained in detail.5 websites with logo design:1: LOGOinLOGO This station is also good, the number of logos has exceeded 25,000. Completed within 24 hours. The homepage is as follows:  2: HaveLogo This station is the logo design community, the website with the largest number of logos, with more than 60,000 logos. Multi-language version. There are countless brands sold. The homepage is as follows:  3: logoground Prices range from $200 to $500 and feel more expensive. Only available in English. The homepage is as follows:  4: buylogonow The number of logos is relatively small, the price is not high, only the English version, to be translated. The homepage is as follows:  5: brandcrowd Only in English, if you like, you can also buy it. The homepage is as follows:   Reprinted please keep the URL: http://www.logoinlogo.com/Blog/[logo-design-website-recommendation]-5-logo-design-trading-platform-4127.htmThankyou


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