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9/29/2013 1:00 am  #1

Bulkmoneyforum - bulkmoneyforum.com

I am not the Admin

This is a paid to post forum that has been around for some time now and paying

BMF pays 3 cents per reply to post and 4 cents per thread started, you can always check the rules for paying sections.

Maximum daily post is 20 replies and 10 threads

Payment Processors: Perfect Money and Webmoney

You can request cash out by donating your point to the admin after accumulating BMF $102 as $2 will be withdrawn if you want to donate.

Link: http://www.bulkmoneyforum


9/29/2013 3:53 am  #2

Re: Bulkmoneyforum - bulkmoneyforum.com

I have joined this forum yesterday and now it's making my first payment request, I just hope the admin to process payment requests that I have made, thank you for explaining in detail, because I do not know if this forum maximum of 20 posts per day.


9/29/2013 4:22 am  #3

Re: Bulkmoneyforum - bulkmoneyforum.com

Yes, it's a paying forum as I got my first payment within 24 hours of requesting and has applied for the second one too. I will urge you to request with Perfect Money because it seems the Admin is currently lacking Webmoney funds. I knew this when I applied for my second payment as he said I should update it to PM because that of WebMoney might take more time.

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9/29/2013 10:43 am  #4

Re: Bulkmoneyforum - bulkmoneyforum.com

I will soon be signing up on this forum because I'd rather be a forum that can directly use the PM of the other means of payment, thank you for your reference, because I used to not believe in this forum and hopefully this forum is still paying on.


9/30/2013 2:55 am  #5

Re: Bulkmoneyforum - bulkmoneyforum.com

This is forum that was launched late last year and the admin was not able to pay the members but the forum started agin this September and I think the forum is now a paying forum. The admin is strict admin and he gives infraction haphazardly,so I have decided to stop posting in the forum.


9/30/2013 11:47 am  #6

Re: Bulkmoneyforum - bulkmoneyforum.com

Well, I ahve been paid twice in the forum but I think that this time, the Admin is trying to stabilize things in the forum because I have seen a lot of changes there and it seems it has gained some new posters as well. That which discouraged some posters sometime ago is the reduction of points and excessive infractions.

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9/30/2013 12:13 pm  #7

Re: Bulkmoneyforum - bulkmoneyforum.com

until now my request payment in this forum is still in process, but I saw the other members in the process quickly, today I have not made ​​a post in this forum because I have not been a problem in the payment request process, maybe I will resume when it is in the process of !


9/30/2013 12:59 pm  #8

Re: Bulkmoneyforum - bulkmoneyforum.com

Like mine was processed and paid within 48 hours. The first one was even paid within 24 hours. I have never had problem with the processing of payments there, rather, with the sign up bonus which I think it's time to forget since it has taken this long. I guess there is no point hoping any longer.

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9/30/2013 1:25 pm  #9

Re: Bulkmoneyforum - bulkmoneyforum.com

This forum is a forum that pays a high rate, but only in the limit 20 posts every day, I want to join this forum if Takiya already in the process of payment, because he is now complaining and I am so hesitant to join this forum.


9/30/2013 1:58 pm  #10

Re: Bulkmoneyforum - bulkmoneyforum.com

You can still join the forum if you wish, that it happened to Takiya doesn't mean it will happen to you, besides I have been able to cash out there twice and they were all successfull.
I think that may have happened when the forum has not been updated.

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10/01/2013 10:59 am  #11

Re: Bulkmoneyforum - bulkmoneyforum.com

if it is true in the payment process a maximum of 48 hours of doing so right now I have been paid by the admin, but until now I still do not demand payment in process by the admin, I will just continue to post on this forum after I was paid by him.


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