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6/30/2018 5:49 am  #1

Is Forex trading enjoyable?

Forex trading is very enjoyable if we take the time to understand how the market works,we can enjoy the market very well only when we have the right information,and we can be expert if we can only have that type of knowledge with constant practice and learning,knowledge can never be too much for us as traders .

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8/31/2018 11:57 am  #2

Re: Is Forex trading enjoyable?

Frankly speaking, it is enjoyable but ONLY if we play it out in sensible way. If we plan well and if we also execute it accordingly, then we WILL get results and eventually enjoy. But if not then we could have trouble with doing things. I prefer Stocks much more and my formula is very straightforward with following up AT&T stock future prediction. But not just this stocks instead others too, so all this is how I work and helps me with performance.


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