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6/30/2018 5:49 am  #1

Is Forex trading enjoyable?

Forex trading is very enjoyable if we take the time to understand how the market works,we can enjoy the market very well only when we have the right information,and we can be expert if we can only have that type of knowledge with constant practice and learning,knowledge can never be too much for us as traders .

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1/12/2021 2:15 pm  #2

Re: Is Forex trading enjoyable?

​I have been trading forex for a long time since 2015, and I really love it because I am making a continuous profit from it. Though it was not that much easy and enjoyable before getting IronFX as my broker. I am telling you about this broker because it has all the latest technology along with Meta trader 4, the most reliable and popular platform for traders. It has an intuitive interface and user-friendly environment, it provides essential tools and resources needed for successful online trading performance.


1/27/2021 4:48 am  #3

Re: Is Forex trading enjoyable?

And Forex is still relevant now, can you earn some money there?


3/24/2021 7:53 am  #4

Re: Is Forex trading enjoyable?

Of course, trading is pleasant. Because it brings good income in the first place. I myself am fond of this field of activity. I found a reliable online broker - Super Forex https://superforex.com. Which provided me with excellent conditions for trading. And also a convenient application for keeping track of my accounts. So, I can confidently recommend Super Forex to you too. 

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5/29/2021 5:10 am  #5

Re: Is Forex trading enjoyable?

Yes, obviously Forex is very enjoyable cause we can trade this business by staying our home and also we can earn unlimited for me I am doing forex trading with FreshForex broker since 2012 where every month I am earning around 1000 dollar easily. 



1/25/2022 9:34 pm  #6

Re: Is Forex trading enjoyable?

forex trading doesn't have to be enjoyable. It's all about making money.
I guess some people find it interesting after they learn to trade like I did here.


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