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9/25/2013 9:33 am  #1

AxionClix - AxionClix.com

sister site boostclix

    Earn upto $0.02 for ads you click.
    Earn upto $0.01 for ads ref click.
    Detailed referral statistics.
    Earn using Virool, Matomy etc.
    Instant Payment via Paypal & Payza.
    Unlimited direct referrals.
    Minimum payout is $2.00
    Online support via Forum, Email & Chat.


10/03/2013 7:36 am  #2

Re: AxionClix - AxionClix.com

In axionclix a standard member finds an average of 8 ads daily, with click rate of 0.005. So a standard member makes an average of 0.04 daily from clicking ads alone and will take about 50 days to reach the minimum payout of $2.


7/25/2018 4:58 am  #3

Re: AxionClix - AxionClix.com

Much appreciate. Thank you for the info.


12/21/2021 4:37 am  #4

Re: AxionClix - AxionClix.com

Great site


5/19/2022 2:55 am  #5

Re: AxionClix - AxionClix.com

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