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10/21/2013 11:43 am  #23

Re: signal XAG-USD-(Silver)


SILVER is still in an uptrend, with holding above the daily MA slope is positive as well. Target buyers possible in the supply area in that price range 22/35-22/45 / While demand area at 22:09, where if the silver back to this area, the possibility of growing buyer of the previous state


10/22/2013 2:31 pm  #24

Re: signal XAG-USD-(Silver)


Overview From the H4 chart today, the metal taking up move yesterday after rebounding from a trend line through the level of Resistance 22:00. But hurry silver hits from 22.50 to 22.80 Resistance area tested now. When trying to break through the silver bullish move on. In this case we may get more of a chance for a buy signal with a first target of several pips below the 23.00 resistance level and then we had to wait again until closing above this level resistance to continue the bearish movement. But as long as the metal trades below this area the Resistance mentional cancel bullish scenario moving. Resistance and support levels: R3 (23:00) R2 (22.80) R1 (22.50) S1 (22.00) S2 (21:50) S3 (21:20)


3/17/2015 4:47 pm  #25

Re: signal XAG-USD-(Silver)

I really don’t prefer trading on Silver as I find it highly risky and given that I am using Nova FX broker I get great advantage with doing currency trading since they have really low spread in 1.5 pips range but what impresses me most is their no commission charging policy for long term trades so that makes it better for me to trade on currency as I can leave them open and make great profits without any tension of fees.


5/16/2016 9:11 pm  #26

Re: signal XAG-USD-(Silver)

Signals are always crucial and if we get it from right source then we can win in Forex very often, so our main aim should be to find a service that’s reliable, but of course, I am talking about signals only, if you’re not willing to use it then okay and I prefer that too, but there are so many traders who prefer to work through others or using signal service or things like that, I am very much similar given that I trade with OctaFX broker and they’re having epic analysis service, it’s ideal for beginners and more importantly, we’re not required to pay anything for it, so that works even better and really gives us the boost needed to gain profits consistently.


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