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4/17/2022 5:05 am  #1

Best online casinos

Do you gamble, and why or why not? What are your favorite casinos?


4/17/2022 5:08 am  #2

Re: Best online casinos

Yes. Sports gambling is like a side job for me. I play poker with my friends every week. That's just a fun, social activity. I enjoy casinos online too, it's my fav 1 win casino. I gamble almost every day and I hope one day the lady luck will be on my side and I'll win a jackpot.

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5/27/2022 7:21 am  #3

Re: Best online casinos

Hello. Better show me a person who will say no. Like it or not, the money rule the world, and it will only have to agree with this. Believe me, there are situations when you just need to admit that you need to constantly work to survive. And to have this same money for life. And other pleasures. In my case, it boils down to the Play Aviator for Money - This game helps to earn, even being chained to bed.


9/12/2022 7:43 am  #4

Re: Best online casinos

Gambling is a nice activity just to spend leisure time, not to earn. Forex is another thing. Try it with IC Markers. Read about ic markets withdrawal fee. Good luck!


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