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11/02/2016 8:43 am  #12

Re: Is forex trading rewarding business?

Forex is rewarding only when we make it hard way and that’s through skills and determination, if we are sensible and go with step by step way then we can gain plenty. I am currently working with OctaFX broker where I get plenty of help and support which comes through broker like OctaFX which is easier to do with their educational setup while there is also demo contest like cTrader, it’s weekly based with 400 dollar to be won, so it’s picture perfect.

11/20/2016 1:54 am  #14

Re: Is forex trading rewarding business?

I believe Forex is as rewarding as they get, but the thing is that we must be good enough and skillful enough to make it working. I have developed good discipline and skills in recent times, it’s helped a lot by OctaFX broker with their educational setup while there are several demo contest like Southampton Supreme, it’s so unique in concept and been just 90 minutes yet they have unlimited prizes to be won, so all this is seriously good.

12/07/2016 3:20 pm  #15

Re: Is forex trading rewarding business?

traders who have discipline and maximum trading capacity will greatly help the development of their careers in the forex business. In addition, Anybody willing to survive in this business must always take money management into consideration when doing this business,the good thing about proper money manage is that even if our entry is wrong we are still gonna end up making something from the market,though it will require time and patient but the truth is that it will surely pay off and yield good profit as well. of course, account conditions and order execution is crucial also. I currently trade with a broker that uses ECN technology that reduces latency and the execution is super fast. As well, they have specific Liquidity providers who can handle price action strategies as well as very good conditions EUUSD 0.2 -0.5. I know these brokers are limited, and you wont find them among the biggest brokers lists as 99 of them are alleged market makers. Youll have to work a little harder and dig a little deeper as I did to find Tickmill.

12/25/2016 2:09 am  #16

Re: Is forex trading rewarding business?

Forex is indeed highly rewarding, but everything is down to us how we take it. As a trader, we can make handsome returns if we have the ability, but for me, it’s far more rewarding to be the leader of the pack. I decided to operate my own Brokerage Company and thanks TechForBrokers, I was able to set things up ever so easily with their comprehensive suite of cost effective trading solutions for everything at highly affordable price. So for me, it has been the biggest way to gain from Forex.

1/02/2017 6:51 pm  #17

Re: Is forex trading rewarding business?

Forex is definitely highly rewarding, but it all depends on our activity and how good we are, if we are capable enough then we can do it all nicely. So, it’s vital that we trade with clear mind and focus on trading with good strategy and method, as that’s what will help us with performing better. I just do that and due to OctaFX broker, it’s helpful under their tidy spreads at 0.1 pips while there is also cash back available which makes it all exciting!

10/27/2022 5:37 am  #18

Re: Is forex trading rewarding business?

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