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10/10/2013 10:07 am  #1

Is perfectmoney really perfect?

Perfcet money is one of the leading money proccessors. Many sites use this as their payment proccessor. I have also recently opened an account in Perfect money. But somebody says that perfect money is not perfect at all. What do you think about this? Please share your views and opinion here.


8/14/2014 1:12 pm  #2

Re: Is perfectmoney really perfect?

no i think its payment process is so good and i used this payment process i many payouts with many sites


7/21/2018 4:51 am  #3

Re: Is perfectmoney really perfect?

Your`re Right!


5/16/2019 8:05 am  #4

Re: Is perfectmoney really perfect?

What exchanger that you think is good for perfect money because I didnt find good exchanger for this one. And about funds which we can get to our perfect money, where did you get some dollars to fund your perfect money account?


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