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11/19/2015 12:45 pm  #1

FilesTube - paid to promote free TV/Movies

Files Tube 

Provides Free To Watch Licensed TV shows and Movies. 

They also pay affiliates to display widgets on their website or share them via social media. 

When a user clicks through your affiliate links/widgets and watches TV or Movies you earn.

Rates vary by country of your users. However rates for United States go as high as $50 cpm, and average $20 cpm.

Payments are automatically made on the 10th of each month, assuming you have reach the minimum payout for your chosen payment option. Sums under the payout minimum roll over to the next month.

Minimum payments are $20 via Payoneer or $5 via PayPal.

Refer more affiliates and earn a bonus 20% of what your referrals earn.

Widgets and links contain your affiliate id, so if a user goes through your widget or link to watch TV or films and 
later becomes an affiliate they will become your referral.

Files Tube

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