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7/22/2023 4:40 pm  #12

Re: Payza -

Hello, Electronic channels allow us to act faster and more efficiently. Almost every retailer today has a website or app: I buy groceries on one, electrical goods on another, and I pay my utility bills on a third. Each page and application has its own design, everywhere you need to be able to navigate and find what you need. Plus, of course, security requirements, passwords. In such an abundance of sites and applications, it is easy to get confused. This also applies to employees of the enterprise involved in the management of an online store: on one site we see orders, in another system - confirmation of their payment or other status, and only accountants get access to a bank account, for example. The merchant or service provider has to spend time and communicate with colleagues to check all the details. At best, this information is summarized in a single internal system, such as an accounting or customer relationship management system. If you use a payment system such as payadmit com, you will be able to manage all online payments and not worry about security.


11/25/2023 1:27 pm  #13

Re: Payza -

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