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10/05/2013 11:21 am  #1


At FxNet we provide members with a number of financial instruments that may be traded through CFD’s, including Forex, Commodities and Stock Indices, which can be traded via our MT4 platform, smartphone/ mobile applications, or via our web based SimpleTrader, all under 1 account.

All questions/ comments are welcome. Please feel free to contact us via this thread or alternatively you may contact me directly at ckappai@fxnet.com.

Always at your disposal

Make any deposit into your FxNet Account and instantly* receive the following Bonuses:

$0 - $299 = 25% Bonus
$300+ = 50% Bonus

E.g. Deposit $6000 and receive $3000 Bonus. That’s right with a deposit of $6000, you will be able to trade $9000!

E.g. Deposit $200 and receive $50 Bonus. With a $200 deposit you will be able to trade with $250!

The Bonus is applied to your account instantly* following deposit and can be used to trade with and assist in holding positions open. There is no time limit on your Bonus!


4/22/2015 2:32 pm  #2

Re: FxNet.com

Starting Forex always needs investment, but ever since I have joined Nova FX company, it has really changed the meaning of this for me as now I am not required to make any investment yet I am able to trade with freedom due to their welcome bonus of 200 USD, it is sensational to be trading with this type of superb bonus, it is not only huge in amount but equally opposite lower in restrictions, as we just need to do 20 lot size trade in 30 days’ time.


5/28/2016 8:37 am  #3

Re: FxNet.com

Chris, I believe it far more crucial that we go with learning properly since that’s what will help us achieve positive results all the time, if we’re not learning well then we will never be able to earn well. I always focus on learning and rest of the stuff can come easier. I have selected OctaFX broker which gives far more bonuses to our plate especially their 50% bonus on deposit offer, it’s really cool with also been use able, so that obviously adds up to my performance bar and allows me to perform nicely in all situations while obviously keeps the risk level down for me, it makes me so much more comfortable with the work and I am able to trade nicely.


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