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6/19/2017 10:16 am  #45

Re: TradeWiseFX - Tradewisefx.com

Do you like to trade on wide range of instruments? Here you go -

We have listed our range of tradable products on this page - http://www.tradewisefx.com/trading-instruments/

You have the choice to trade with 64 forex pairs, 4 metals and 14 CFD instruments.

Forex is a 24 hour 5 days a week currency exchange system with no central trading place. Still, some of the more active trading hours overlap with the stock market openings in London, Tokyo and New York as the most traded currencies are the US dollar, Euro, Japanese Yen and the British Pound which you will find under the major currency pairs list.

We also offer trading with Metals and CFDs. While metals like gold and silver can be traded around the clock, CFD's or contracts for difference follow some more distinct patterns as they are the proxies for trading local stock markets like the S&P500 stock market for the United States and GER30 for the German DAX30 index to name a few.

NOTE - With TradeWiseFX you can deposit and withdraw your funds with absolutely no commission charges.

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Re: TradeWiseFX - Tradewisefx.com

thank u for giving time to understand


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