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4/07/2017 5:40 pm  #12

Re: ​Are you in a rush to get rich?

Yeah, I want to be rich overnight, but I know I can’t do that unless I get lucky in unthinkable way, so these are things you don’t count on. You need to be believable and think what is on the spot and is achievable. This is why I go with FP Markets which is easily the best out there with having excellent ECN structure that covers for Ultra-thin spreads from 0 pips to High Leverage up to 1:500, over 1000 instruments, smooth trading platform, market insights and updates while there is a lot more which could work nicely to help us achieve results quicker.

6/08/2019 4:38 am  #13

Re: ​Are you in a rush to get rich?

No, and that's why I prefer using proper strategy only.

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