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8/07/2020 2:18 am  #1

Bitcoin Helping To Fuel Popularity Of Online Gambling

Bitcoin Helping To Fuel Popularity Of Online Gambling 

For the past few years, online gambling has picked up across the planet. A lot of individuals are interested in using online casino websites as opposed to land-based casinos. Studies continue proving that online casinos are set to become market leaders and will soon be the kings in the gambling industry. 


Bitcoin gambling experts suggest that come 2022, the annual global revenue from gambling will surpass $100 billion. Such a staggering figure will take up ⅓ of the entire tax collected from gambling frontiers worldwide. This amount is on the rise and every year gambling with cryptocurrency increases.

Online casinos have gained popularity for accepting cryptocurrency payments. After the big Bitcoin hullabaloo in 2017, most casinos have taken the chance to introduce Bitcoin transactions on their platforms as opposed to risking being left out. There have even been specialist platforms such as Roobet.com that have created blockchain games that offer the ultimate in trust and transparency. What makes it even more special is the Roobet no deposit bonus that is provided by an attached faucet that you will only find on crypto gambling websites.

Given this reason, we saw it fit to examine and explain why Bitcoin is a perfect currency carefully. It’s also wise that we explain the advantages associated with online gambling. 

Online Gambling Advantages 

Availability is the most significant advantage online casinos have over traditional gambling platforms. Punters gain access to casino games in every place and time they desire. They need an excellent smart device and an internet connection.  

To sweeten the deal, the payout percentages in the online-based casino are better than their predecessors. Moreover, online casinos grant players regular promotions as well as bonuses. Each gambler uses an alias to play, thus making them remain anonymous. 

Extinguished gaming platforms develop casino websites, this means every gamer gets to have unique experiences. Registering online takes seconds, and most of these platforms are safe and secure. 

They have incorporated Artificial Intelligence to ensure the platforms remain secure and provide fair-play. SSL-encryption is used to guarantee security. Random Number Generator (RNG), on the other hand, is used in creating random outcomes for every game, ensuring users fair-play. 

Bitcoin Use 
The most significant advantage brought about by Bitcoin is the payment method making it completely optimized for online use. It shows that each deposit, as well as withdrawal, is processed instantly. 

Some transactions take several days, and even weeks to months, if you’re dealing with fiat currencies, things are different from Bitcoin trading. Anonymity is something championed by cryptocurrency trading. 

In as much as you play under an alias in a casino, you become anonymous to some extent. However, using Bitcoin takes things further; using this cryptocurrency enhances your safety and security on the platforms you visit to gamble. 

Moreover, Bitcoin is a decentralized currency; this means that nobody will freeze your account, nor can they take away your Bitcoin assets. Decentralization makes it possible for punters to go around some reasonable fees applicable that are synonymous with the other payment methods. The fees charged for Bitcoin transactions are too low, thus making it the best option for gambling. 

The Future 

A lot of experts think that Bitcoin is among the best and most desirable payment options for online gambling. There are lots of advantages that come with Bitcoin use for both casino websites as well as users. In the years to come, Bitcoin will dominate the online gambling segment thanks to its many uses and benefits. 


8/11/2020 4:15 am  #2

Re: Bitcoin Helping To Fuel Popularity Of Online Gambling

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