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9/29/2013 3:53 am  #1

Rate the WebMoney Mobile App

We are almost in the App world with virtually everything having their own App. Webmoney has not been left in this regard as they also have a very good App which I see as one of the best I have used considering how fast it loads even on a slow network.

The only demerit I give it is that it doesn't alert you when there is an action on your account which should be one of the best features of an app. However, there are times you would want to log in and see a notification if you have one but that is as good as not coming since it comes only when you access the App.

I currently run it on the Android platform and I must say, it has been worth it but a little update on notifications will do just fine. To those that use this App, what do you think of it?


7/10/2020 2:14 pm  #2

Re: Rate the WebMoney Mobile App

it is interesting for me too 


11/07/2020 4:31 am  #3

Re: Rate the WebMoney Mobile App

Thanks a lot for this. It was really helpful.


3/05/2021 8:26 am  #4

Re: Rate the WebMoney Mobile App



5/06/2021 12:48 pm  #5

Re: Rate the WebMoney Mobile App

Its not. The basic editing is not bad, but the included instruments are dreadful.

Its also been buggy for me and apparently more so in the more recent version.


9/29/2021 5:14 am  #6

Re: Rate the WebMoney Mobile App

Nice post guys.


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