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4/19/2021 4:01 am  #1

Need advice

Need advice Hi, can anyone advise me what to do. I love gambling, but everyone says I should stop it. how do you think my acquaintances are right?


5/06/2021 5:21 am  #2

Re: Need advice

Hey, in this matter, a lot depends on your ability to take risks and subtly feel the game situation, because, as you yourself understand, if you make a big bet and it loses, then you will simply lose everything, and you need to be careful at this moment. Nevertheless, gambling is still very exciting and generates good income for some. I think you need to learn more from this bitcoin gambling article.


5/26/2021 4:34 am  #3

Re: Need advice

If you can grind store bought coffee and make it the same way with good results, sounds like you need to circle back on your roasting method.


6/27/2021 2:46 am  #4

Re: Need advice

Yes, you should stop. because when you start losses you have nothing.


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