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9/12/2021 8:40 am  #1

Tomorrow is the big day! We are entering a new Era of Cardano.

  • Cardano’s Alonzo mainnet hard fork will go live soon.
  • The CEO, Charles Hoskinson, tweets about ushering in a new era for Cardano.
  • Alonzo is using the eUTXO model for its smart contracts.
  • Cardano’s Alonzo mainnet launch is only a day away. The CEO of Cardano (ADA), Charles Hoskinson, is excited about this new dawn in ADA’s journey. To specify, the CEO tweets about the joyous occasion.
  • After the launch, Cardano will move on to its next phase. On the horizon are Hydra Layer 2 project, Plutus Core, Genesis, and others. For those curious to see what comes next, register for the Cardano Summit 2021 now.

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