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5/23/2020 11:35 pm  #1

Operation Phoenix – A Crypto Mining Service

Operation Phoenix


Operation Phoenix – A Crypto Mining Service Designed for Profitability


Operation Phoenix is a mining platform active since the beginning of 2020, it is a very interesting Canadian project because it has a very different proposal from other mining companies.

The Farm has been developed and implemented in 7 years, they have a patent for the recovery and reuse of heat produced by miners, and thanks to this they are able to obtain mining at very competitive conditions.

They are very technical people, in these years they have collaborated with other mining companies to optimize their processes, they have recently decided to create a different product that would give the possibility to mine alternative coins through GPU.

Operation Phoenix has a very special offer compared to other cloud mining, customers are sold C-Units and not single hashrates like other competitors do.

What do these C-Units consist of?

By buying a C-Units you are entitled, for a period of time ranging from 1 month ( 12$ ) to 4 years, to a computing power on different algorithms on which the customer can choose to mine alternative coins daily.
One of the main differences compared to others is exactly this, altcoins mining.

Once purchased a C-Units you can choose daily to mine the most profitable coin at that time among the different coins available (new coins are added often), you can select the pool in which to mine and the wallet in which to receive them. Each C-Units is updated over time, all maintenance costs are included, its software is constantly improved in order to get more profit by increasing hashrate, supported crypto and eventually support new algorithms.

For example with a C-Units you can undermine coins like ETH, ETC, Beam, BitCash, Nimiq, Ravencoin, Metaverse and Bitcoin Gold.
Soon they will add : Expanse, Grin , Monacoin , Luxcoin , Zcoin and other coins

Coins hardly supported by other mining companies but that can be interesting in differentiating your investment.
Soon we will also introduce tools that will help customers select the most profitable coins.

Payments are regular also because they work in a different way from the various cloud mining on the market, the coins arrive in our wallet (the one you will have inserted in the panel) directly from the selected pool as they are mined, several times a day, another aspect that makes this company interesting.

You can pay with Paypal, crypto and bank transfer.
If you want to differentiate your investment in mining, this could be the right product.



8/15/2021 3:10 am  #2

Re: Operation Phoenix – A Crypto Mining Service

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9/20/2021 4:48 am  #3

Re: Operation Phoenix – A Crypto Mining Service

Crypto mining refers to the process of gaining cryptocurrencies by solving cryptographic equations with the use of high-power computers. The solving process comprises verifying data blocks and adding transaction records to a public record (ledger) known as a blockchain.
The Skycoin Skyminer is meticulously designed and configured to provide a rock-solid telecom backbone for the Skywire infrastructure. The custom-built hardware is focused on delivering maximum security, efficiency and performance to the software-defined network. The multi-board architecture enables each node to support an independent service on Skywire. By isolating the nodes, each service can safely operate independently of attacks on peripheral services. These service-providing nodes are managed by an OpenWRT router with strict packet forwarding and access control rules for additional security. Skyminers are paid in Coin Hours for providing services and security to the Skywire network.https://www.skycoin.com/static/media/miner1.b2f9176a.png


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