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Buy Token | Chart | BSC Contract | Contacts | Whitepaper | Twitter | Telegram

The First Automatic Rebasing Token That Is Programmed to Keep the Chart Constantly in an Uptrend and Also Provides BTC Rewards to Holders!

Version 0.1.0

The development of technologies also offers benefits to the world's economic ecosystem. In
order to protect their income, people make investment plans and invest in various funds, stocks,
variants so as not to lose the value of hot money in the person's hands in the future inflationary
conditions. The disadvantages of these systems, however, offer minimized profits and average
risk rates. The blockchain industry has shaped the new economic ecosystem of the world and
helped people make big profits on the high risk label. With a decentralized structuring created in
the Spacelab Token Binance Smartchain Network (BEP20), the holders are protected by the
algorithm created in its system through the Bitcoin reward, which is awarded according to the
volume of liquid. Spacelab Token aimed to increase the income of the holders through the
self-created systematic exchange.

Disclaimer of liability

Although there are no restrictions on participation in the project, such as profit and loss,
theft of accounts from transactions such as purchases, exchanges, transfers from
holders to central or decentralized exchanges, third parties who want to make a profit
with the product are their own responsibility and otherwise is warned by a consumer
information disclaimer that the development team is not responsible for the negativity.


The emergence of an industry capable of preventing inflation, which is one of the
greatest economic problems today, and the individual economic worries and
resulting capital meltdown are the solution to the greatest problem facing public
and legal entities. The main concern that the blockchain industry promises to its
users in this field is to contribute to the development of a technological network
and to offer its users a high percentage profit with the structure of this network.
The Spacelab Token Project distributes the shares held by the holders as well as
the Bitcoin rewards to the holders of the differences from the purchases and sales
with the aim of maximizing their profits. In addition, due to the decline and
depletion of freshwater resources due to climate change in today's world, some of
the project's revenue will be used to increase water resources in regions where
water resources are not available or where local people do not have access to
freshwater resources.


Spacelab strives to meet the needs of its owners and consists of a team of
successful engineers with a high level of software knowledge. Our staff, aware of
the flaws in the current blockchain chain, strive to bring innovations to its owners
according to the wishes of its users.


Spacelab aimed to distribute a high percentage of the rewards to its owners. In
addition, thanks to the contract system that was to be developed, it wanted to
react to the problems of its owners regardless of their economic status and offer a
technology that could be improved.


The first automatic rebasing token on Binance Smart Chain programmed to offer
BTC rewards to holders. The purpose is to keep the chart in a steady uptrend and
to give BTC rewards to the holders in the meantime

1. 5% BTC rewards for holders
2. 6% Marketing & Buyback
3. 3% for liquidity
4. 1% ecosystem fees

 1. There are 1,000,000,000,000,000 SPACE LAB in
Circulation is burned manually.


Rebase is an increase or decrease in the total supply of a specific token across all holding
pools and all wallets. This is done to adjust the token price without affecting the value of
anyone's coin stake. This can be beneficial as the chart always looks healthy regardless of
dips and we can be among the top winners of websites due to the illusion of a rise in the
floor price, which in itself is a brilliant marketing tool.


Spacelab is rewarding holders by sending out 5% of transaction taxes as Bitcoins
to Spacelab token holders. Simply hold Spacelab tokens, and you’ll receive BSC
Bitcoin to your wallet automatically!

How do I get rewards?

To receive Bitcoin rewards, all you have to do is hold Spacelab tokens in your wallet.
Rewards are distributed automatically based on your Spacelab holdings and daily

How can I see my rewards?

Add the following BTCB token address to your wallet and watch your Bitcoin
holdings rise! 0x7130d2a12b9bcbfae4f2634d864a1ee1ce3ead9c

What if I sell my Spacelab?

As an incentive to hold your Spacelab tokens, selling any amount of tokens will cause you
to lose the privilege to receive any further Bitcoin rewards for the next 6 hours.

Will I receive rewards again after 6 hours?

Buy at least Spacelab token after the 6 hours cooldown period to start receiving the
Bitcoin rewards again!

 SPACELAB was started via FairLaunch and listed on

Team manager
Marketing export
Graphic design specialist
Social media expert



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Spacelab is rewarding holders by sending out Money 5% of transaction taxes as Bitcoins to Spacelab token holders

Join the HYPE and EARN with holding 5% BTC rewards

Liquidity locked:
set Slippage to 18 %

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Здравствуйте,после склеротерапии вен на ноге сказали сегодня много ходить,я доехала до дома сидя мин 30,а затем уже пошла ходить,а потом прочла что ходить надо первые 30-60мин, какие могут быть проблемы что я первые 30 мин сидела?


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You just need to participate in the discussion going there,you will earn money for each post you made, pls use the ref link above