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12/15/2021 2:19 am  #1

All-in-one Live Streaming on a Blockchain-Based Platform

STREAM COIN (STRM) aims to decentralize the assets of live streamers through its blockchain-based, multi-streaming platform.
We want to empower live streamers to keep complete control over the content they create by developing an ecosystem that enables them to simulcast to different streaming platforms across the globe; allowing streamers to filter access to viewers based on country, age, and gender as well as give them the freedom to choose which advertisements to display while they live stream.
Apart from this, STREAM Coin will let streamers earn 100% of all their STREAM Coin (STRM) rewards, and similarly, viewers will also get rewarded just by watching the advertisements embedded in the streams. In the future, the STREAM Coin Mainnet will have the capability to have its own non-fungible token (NFT) standard. With this, streamers will be able to mint their videos as NFT and upload them to StreamLive’s NFT marketplace.


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