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10/04/2013 7:50 am  #1

Why people don't trade in the forex trading?

The mostly people think that the forex trading is high risky and invest the money with the forex trading is just lost the money because it is high risky business and it is gambling either you loss or you win how we convinced such kind of the people that have the negative thought about the forex trading ?

6/12/2015 9:32 pm  #2

Re: Why people don't trade in the forex trading?

They lack education and experience so that’s why they believe Forex is not a good business, but in my view this is an epic work to be doing. It is highly profitable if one does it correct. It is not even required to make investment with brokers like Nova FX available. I use their welcome bonus of 200 dollars to work with and it always lands me into great comfort since even if I lose I still have nothing to lose.

7/20/2015 8:50 am  #3

Re: Why people don't trade in the forex trading?

It’s their personal choice how I would know why they don’t trade? I mean if they don’t have enough qualification for it in terms of knowledge then even if they want to do it things won’t be easy, so whether one wants to do it or not without education it’s nearly impossible to do successfully. So, I will suggest anyone to try out his luck first with demo account or with my suggestion of OctaFX broker’s Champion demo contest, it’s a month long one and allows us to win 1k prize and of course let us know whether we are good enough or not.

1/16/2022 11:15 am  #4

Re: Why people don't trade in the forex trading?

I think you are not right since still more than 1 crore people trade Forex daily even everyday people are joining here since here they can make money easily.

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