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The main objective of the project - advertising! But other than advertising you get a passive partner program on 8 levels with passive tints.
Buying a standard package worth $ 12, you get 50,000 banner impressions, 50,000 hits context and take a seat in the general structure, where you can get good money.
That is, the universal design: advertising and earnings.
The matrix consists of a moving structure members, distributed in 8 levels of affiliate programs. The system automatically assigns new members so that the matrix is ​​filled evenly. Each participant on the first level only 3 places at their filling is even overflow.
Referral - is any party entering into your structure. Direct referral - a participant who has registered directly under you.
Overflow is the possibility of more rapid progress in the system and fill your structure, by working together, both your and your upline (which speeds up getting you the highest possible financial assistance).
How does it work? Once you have on one level, it was three partners paid starts overflowing, that is, the following invited by you or your upline partners are on the 2nd level, and when it is full 9-paid partners, further to the 3, 4, 5, 6 , 7 and 8 levels, as and fill them.


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