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1/25/2022 3:45 am  #1

​Dogecoin in 2022

What are the Dogecoin prospects in 2022, is it worth buying this coin now


1/25/2022 4:45 am  #2

Re: ​Dogecoin in 2022

It's hard to say anything about it. This joke has already become too big a deal. Who would have thought that a cryptocurrency created as a joke would be worth real money?


1/25/2022 5:16 am  #3

Re: ​Dogecoin in 2022

Dogecoin and its potential "killer" - Shiba Inu token - had the most real surge in 2021. I am sure that this trend will continue in 2022. in the 5-year period, the coin is definitely expected to reach $1.438 . So I advise you to take a closer look at Dogecoin, I think it definitely has potential.


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